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5 Ways to Stay Positive

October 4, 2018

Positive people are sometimes treated as they’re naïve. After all, if you’re unfailingly positive, it’s probably because you’re hiding from the truth or ignoring anything negative, right?

As a positive person, I can tell you that’s not at all the case! What may be perceived as naivety and refusal to see the truth might actually just be a case of shifting paradigms and perceptions. It’s not a refusal to see the truth; it’s a refusal to see the truth as inherently negative and the ability to seek out the good in any situation. If you’re struggling with staying positive, try these five tips to break through negativity and build your own positive reality.

1.      Stay in the Moment

It might sound like something you’d read on a slip of paper from a fortune cookie, but the idea of “being in the moment” isn’t just hollow advice. When you’re focused on the past, it can be easy to obsess over mistakes and regrets. If you look too far in the future, you can easily be consumed by the anxiety of the unknown. Living in the moment and enjoying the present is the best way to stay positive.

What can you do right now to make life better? How about the next five minutes; the next hour; the next day? Focus on proactive solutions for the moment and you’ll be able to take control and stay positive.

2.      Double Down on Your Convictions

If you think that it’s good to be alive and that work can be fun, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Just because others have a different perception doesn’t mean you need to conform or dull your own. Sure, it might not be good form to try and force a positive spin on anything and everything, but you should be confident in loving your life and your work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and have a few responses, stories, or anecdotes ready for those who seem to want to drag you down or call you naïve.

3.      Bring the (Good) Drama

When you hear about someone being “dramatic,” it’s usually said in a negative tone. But drama gets a bad rap. For positive people, bringing drama simply means being enthusiastic and proactive about your life. You might be dramatic about a new project at work and that excitement becomes contagious. Seek out others who aren’t afraid to be dramatic and enthusiastic about what they’re doing and learn to celebrate big and little accomplishments.

4.      Try Four Square Breathing

If you’re naturally predisposed to being anxious or negative, try resetting your thought process with four square breathing. It’s something that has helped me gain control and see the good in almost every situation. Four square breathing is easy: you simply stop what you’re doing and then breathe in for four seconds, hold it for four seconds, breath out for four seconds, and then hold for four seconds. You can repeat the cycle as long and as often as needed. Sometimes, when caught in negative self-talk or perception, all that’s needed is recognition and resetting.

5.      Assert Your Positivity

Your enthusiasm for life should never be downplayed as naivety or foolishness. Pessimists are often hailed as wise for introducing skepticism into each interaction. But even if a pessimist is technically right, it’s usually the optimist who steps up and does something about. Preferring to see the bright side of life can propel you to action: when things aren’t perfect, you can see the potential and work to get there.

Being positive takes practice, especially if you’re not predisposed to optimism.  In fact, pessimism is a much easier reaction to troubling times and disappointment. But, if you keep trying and reminding yourself to find the good in every moment, your positivity can become positively infectious.